Email Marketing, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing in Sri Lanka

Powercampaigner is the leading

Email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing company in Sri Lanka and Maldives  

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We are the oldest digital marketing company in Sri Lanka and Maldives since 2004 and expert in Email Marketing, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing.

We have wide range of carefully collected databases which help you to reach your target audience through digital marketing solutions. This is the most valuable asset to Powercampaigner, because of target marketing is the most important mechanism used by present organizations and for special requirements. If your requirement is Email or SMS or WhatsApp Marketing ad; we have the best suitable database for you.

Email marketing is the most popular digital marketing concept widely used to run a ad in Sri Lanka. But SMS Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing are more productive if someone looking for a specific target market campaigns. Contact Powercampaigner team if you need any expert support. We always work hard to increase your online lead generation and customer acquisition.

You’re just a phone call away from quality digital marketing services backed by years of experience.

Email Marketing is the most popular digital marketing method to advertise in both Sri Lanka and Maldives. You can reach more people by spending small amount of money for an advertisement on email marketing. It is not a complex work like a marketing campaign running on SMS or WhatsApp. We have very carefully collected productive email databases for Email marketing in Sri Lanka or Maldives. It is the secret behind the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Email marketing campaign can makes big change of the marketing plan of your organization; because it brings amazing results for your advertisements. Sending a bulk email is not a simple work, there is a hard effort and best email marketing software behind it. But Powercampaigner will make it easy for you for your next advertisement on email marketing in Sri Lanka or Maldives.

It's just an email away!

Powercampaigner is one of the leading SMS Marketing company in Sri Lanka and Maldives with more than 11 years experience in the SMS marketing industry. We have very carefully categorized database covering all over the country which we can use according to the age, area, profession, income, education and many fields. We have completed many bulk SMS campaign for various requirement like sales promotion, election campaign, event promotion etc. Also we have best infrastructure to provide the best SMS campaign in Sri Lanka. SMS marketing is the fastest way to stay connected with your customers. Usage of SMS for marketing is daily increasing because it brings more results and cost is very low. We do free SMS marketing campaigns for any true CSR projects in Sri Lanka or Maldives. Consult Powercampaigner team to get the best quote your SMS solution. 

WhatsApp Marketing services is the newest addition to the set of modern marketing tools. Powercampaigner is the technical partner for the WhatsApp Marketing service in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Because it is very fast and reliable; everyone turning in to the use of of WhatsApp Marketing for their marketing requirements. We have all latest technology background to handle any kind of  WhatsApp Marketing campaign in Sri Lanka or Maldives. Also we have very reliable and tested databases in two countries. Even in other countries we have facility to arrange successful WhatsApp Marketing campaigns if required. Advertising on WhatsApp is specially reliable target marketing tool which you can find your target customer database for your WhatsApp campaign. We have completed more than 5000 successful advertisement on WhatsApp in Sri Lanka and Maldives.