Email Marketing Campaign Packages in Sri Lanka & Maldives

Email marketing is the easiest and lowest cost solution for advertising in Sri Lanka. Email Marketing is the practice of sending various types of contents to a database of subscribers via email. This contents can serve to generate leads, web traffic or even product promotions. But It is very important that an Email Marketing campaign recipient's consent to receive this type of contents, and that each Email offers something useful or valuable. An Email marketing advertisement will bring your message very fast to your target people. We support you in finding good databases and delivering your message them in most attractive way. Powercampaigner is the oldest and one of the leading Email Marketing agency in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Email marketing brings best return for the investment for advertising hospitality and education related products and services. You can consult Powercampaigner team for selecting the best solution for your requirement.

Standard Email Marketing database for Sri Lanka - 6 48 000+


Emarketing database includes 65% of corporate sector contacts including Investors, Business owners, Government sector employees and high level positions, Decision makers like CEO, MD, Directors etc, Private sector employees (Banks, Factories, Industries, Real Estates, Hospitality) etc. Others are Diplomats, NGOs, Embassies, Foreigners living in Sri Lanka, Students, Parents, House Wives etc. If you are planning to advertise your ad on Email marketing please contact us to get the clear knowledge about the composition of the database.

Usual inbox delivery rate of a advertising email will be about 82% and spam rate will be less than 12%. We use the latest email delivery servers which can complete an email marketing campaign in less than 5 hours. Not only running you ad on email, we help you to study the behavior of the email marketing campaign after the delivery by generation the delivery rate upon the request. It includes statistics of the email campaign open rates, click rates, returns, forwards etc. We can arrange free Email marketing campaigns for real CSR works.

FREE advertising features provided with a Email Marketing campaign in Sri Lanka.
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Email Marketing campaign in Maldives ( 128 000+ contacts ) - LKR 5000/=

( If 4 email campaigns; LKR 2500/= each )

We are the leading email marketing company in Maldives with 128 000+ contacts. The email database of Maldives included 120 000+ contact in Maldives and 8000+ contacts of Maldivians living in Sri Lanka. 85% contacts are representing corporate sector and other are individuals, Diplomats, CSR etc. Standard Email advertisement open rate in Maldives will be about 26% and spam rate will be 6%. Usually our systems supports to delivery any email marketing campaign to any subscriber within 2-3 hours.

Self Email Marketing CRM

We introduced self maintained email marketing software to handle your own email marketing campaigns using your own database which delivers personalized emails to anyone easy. You can run about 25 Email marketing campaigns per month for a very low monthly rental. This is specially useful for any one running frequent email newsletters like education institutes, hospitality business, online stores etc. You can contact Powercampaigner team for initial setting-ups, staff training, system maintenance, running issues and costing.

Overseas Email Marketing packages.

We have wide range of databases for Email marketing in overseas. Some packages given below

A. 59 000+ contacts of Sri Lankans in a other countries and about 14700+ foreigners but frequently visiting or having contact with Sri Lanka.

B. 1.9 million Email contacts covering all over the world. Specially in Italy, Canada, Japan, Middle East, Korea, Australia, USA, UK, etc.

Other Special Email Marketing Packages

Email Marketing campaigns for O/L, A/L Students Databases. Election Campaigns, Email Marketing for VIPs in Sri Lanka, Email marketing for special segments of the society, etc. ( Please contact us for other Email marketing requirements in Sri Lanka or Maldives)