FAQs - Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, WhatsAPP Marketing.

If you have any question about Email Marketing, WhatsAPP Marketing or SMS Marketing services provided by Powercampaigner please read below get the answers to all of your questions.


Time taken for delivery:

Maximum 12 hours will be taken for a single Email Marketing campaign. But most probably it will

take not more than 12 hours. WhatsAPP Marketing campaign can be completed with in about 8 hours.


Link to Web site or Facebook fan page etc.

You can have a single link to any technically suitable web site or web page. 




Full payment has to be done before the Campaign starts. If you cancel at the last moment (within the last 24 hours of your reserved time ), No refund will be made. If you are ready to do that campaign again on another future date, you will have to pay again and book the date.


How to make a good subject line.

The best Email Marketing subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further.  keep your subject lines simple and to the point. Maximum 50 charactors to be used.


Can we send an attachment along with the email.

No - Can not.


Can we get a report for a sent campaign.

If you request a report before starting the campaign, we can generate it after 7 days. Open statistics, click statistics, bounce statistics, unsubscribe statistics and forward statistics can found using the particular report. You have to request the report before starting the campaign after making the relevant chages.


How many phone calls / inqueries should I expect after the campaign.

It is totally depending on your offer, how much it is important to the people, ( public interest ) , etc. As a Powercampaigner we can not give any idea or guarantee on that.