Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing - FAQs

Today about 43% Email marketing campaigns in Sri Lanka are opening by using computers and about 57% opening by handheld devices like smart phones, tabs etc. Because of that when you are making an artwork it should open fine with both desktop and handheld devices. By considering industry experts opinions we advice you to fallow below mentioned guide lines to get the best results from your Email Marketing campaigns. The same guide lines are also applied to artworks for WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns too.







SIZE          (W)700 Pixels x (H)900 Pixels(Max)   

TYPE          Any Graphics Format (.JPG Preffered)


90% of our email marketing databases includes subscribed email addresses. 10% of contacts are unconfirmed and they do not receive continuous mails from us. If you represent the particular 10%, sometimes you will not receive your own campaign after the publishing. If you want to receive our e-mail campaigns continuously, you should have to become a subscriber.

Please use Subscribe Us link for subscription. As a Powercampaigner we do not take any responsibility about receiving any Email Marketing campaign if you are not a subscriber.




If you have the artwork

1. Make the payment for the selected package.
2. Email the Artwork to       
   info [@]
Our Artwork Charges - LKR: 2500/= 

1. You have to make full payment on confirmation
2. Send your details, logos etc for the artwork.
3. We make an artwork and e-mail for your   
    confirmation until the final artwork.


Total contents of the artwork should be provided in the very first time. Delivery dates will be scheduled after making the final artwork. We will take about 3 working days maximum to make an artwork.

How to make a good subject line.

The best Email Marketing subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further.  keep your subject lines simple and to the point. Maximum 50 characters OR 10 words to be used.

Can we get a report after Email Marketing campaign done.

If you request before starting the Email, SMS, WhatsApp Marketing campaign, we can generate the report after 5 days. Usually number of deliveries, open statistics, bounce statistics, unsubscribe statistics and forward statistics can found using the particular report. You have to request the report before starting the campaign after making the relevant charges.

Can I receive my own campaign.

In Email or SMS or WhatsApp Marketing campaigns we can not assure that you will receive it to your inbox or phone unless you are a subscriber minimum 2 months period. Please check your subscription before releasing the campaign. If not request a subscription before the campaign.

My friend in ABC area. But he didnt receive our campaign.

There are millions of contact numbers for SMS and WhatsAPP marketing in Sri Lanka. We have only very limited amount of numbers in our databases. Because of that we do not know your friends number in or SMS or WhatsAPP Marketing database. And that doesn't mean we are not sending the SMS or WhatsApp Marketing campaign.

How many phone calls / inquiries should I expect

It is totally depending on what you are promoting and how much it is important to the recipient, etc. As a Powercampaigner, your email marketing agency, we can not give any idea or guarantee on that.

How do I enable my email client to display images.

To enable your email client to display images, refer to your email client. This is not a problem with the Email Marketing campaign. It is a special setting to be done by the email client in your computer.

Can we send an attachment along with the campaign.

No - Can not. You can not send attachment with Email Marketing Campaign

Why my own advertisement receiving to SPAM folder .

Because of many reasons promotional emails are delivering to spam folders. If you whitelist the incoming mail 80% emails will reach to inbox