SMS Marketing Campaign Packages in Sri Lanka and Maldives

SMS marketing campaign is the most efficient way to reach a target segment in Sri Lanka. SMS Marketing is the practice of sending bulk SMS messages to the selected database expecting some sort of outcome. SMS Marketing campaigns are widely used in Sri Lanka for promoting various things, new products, creating strong brand awareness, informing customers about new arrivals & offers,  election campaigns, etc. Powercampaigner is one of the leading SMS Marketing companies in Sri Lanka with the best SMS marketing databases covering all segments of the society. We use the world latest SMS delivery software systems which enables most accuracy and on time delivery with in very short period. Nowadays most reputed organizations are using SMS for marketing works. Specially anyone can reach more by spending a little and less effort. We have completed more than 3600 successful bulk SMS marketing campaign over 8 years in Sri Lanka.    

SMS Marketing Campaign (Bulk SMS) in Sri Lanka with Sender Name

A Sender ID is a unique name that shows in the “from” field of a SMS marketing messages received to your mobile phone instead of a number. As an example you can consider a promotional SMS massage came like "Pitzahut" or "Bugerking". Technically sender name limited to maximum 11 characters in SMS marketing networks and will take about 10 working days for creation and activation. For a standard single SMS marketing message you can use 128 characters and if you are planning to send a long SMS marketing message, it will be 240 characters maximum. If the required number of SMS messages is below 25 000, extra 2500/= will be added to the final invoice value. The advantage of using a sender name for a promotional SMS campaign is branding. That means every one can identify that the message coming from you and every one can remember it easy. 


As the leading SMS marketing company in Sri Lanka, we have more than 10 million SMS marketing contacts covering all districts. All databases are tested using latest technology and validation techniques. The contact lists categorized according to various useful fields and only very popular categories are mentioned here. If you are looking for any specific category please contact us for the availability. If it is not available with us at the moment; we are willing to research and find it for free or very reasonable rate. Most bulk SMS contacts are categorized according to area, age, education level, occupation, interests, income, social activities ( Club membership etc).

Special SMS Marketing Campaign Databases: Professionals ( Separately like Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc ) HR People, CSR, Religious, Various industries ( Separately like Garment, Construction, Hospitality fields ), VIPs, Frequent Importers, Exporters, Clubs, Societies ( Separately like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Blood Donors etc), Financially categorized ( Like Credit Card, FD holders according to limit etc), Education Levels (OL, AL, Degree, Post graduate etc )


SMS Marketing Campaign (Bulk SMS) in Sri Lanka without Sender Name


SMS marketing campaign will be delivered without senders Name - just like a regular SMS sent from a standard phone number. Contact number database can be selected according to your requirement from above said databases or you can provide us your own database. Numbers of characters used for a Bulk SMS campaign is limited to 138 and long SMS also supported. Open rates of a SMS marketing campaign done without a sender name will be higher than a SMS campaign done with sender name. Usually is it more than 92%.

Job Alert Service in Sri Lanka ( Vacancy SMS advertisement service ) LKR 8000/=

You can SMS your job vacancy advertisements to 80 000+ Job seekers covering all districts in Sri Lanka. Subscribers of our job alert service are representing 18yrs+ - 55yrs, qualified and experienced from various field in Sri Lankan market. Most leading telecommunication, finance, industries, insurance organizations using our service for more than 8 years and continuing.

Very Important
We can not guarantee or responsible for how many inquiries will come regarding a SMS Marketing campaign done. It is totally depending on the delivery time, contents, offers of the product or service you are promoting through the SMS Marketing campaign. We can provide GSM report after 72 hours which includes number of deliveries, returns, and blocked numbers.