WhatsApp Marketing Packages in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

WhatsApp Marketing is the latest advertising tool in Sri Lanka and Maldives. It is the most reliable and fastest marketing concept which can be used to deliver any message as a text or image or video on WhatsApp. Advertising on WhatsApp is easy to read by the recipient enen on the move and anyone can reach it at almost every occasions. Powercampaigner is the technical service provider for WhatsApp Marketing campaigns in Sri Lanka and Maldives with the most productive subscribers databases. Advertising on WhatsApp is not a hard work for anyone at the present. But the important thing is selecting the productive database of recipient for a WhatsAPP Marketing campaign. We have the best and informative collection of subscribers based on most advertising requirements which covers almost all possible sectors of the society. Your message is delivered as a standard WhatsApp message coming from a ranodm number. We collect details of subscribers according to their age, education, profession, income, occupations, interests, social engagements or / and many more important fields. Because of that it is very easy to find most relevant target subscribers according to your requirement. By using a best subscriber list and delivering the message on time will brings you the best out come. We have completed more than 5000 WhatsApp marketing campaigns up to now and almost all campaigns received highly satisfactory results. As the leading WhatsApp marketing company in Sri Lanka and Maldives we always update and test our databases using latest data collection and validating techniques.



Our Subscribed WhatsApp marketing database includes 572 000+ very carefully selected productive subscribers covering all districts in Sri Lanka. 65% contacts are within greater Colombo area and about 72% contacts are corporate contacts. All these contacts are opted in to our database by permitting us to send them promotional WhatsApp messages. We have completed many successful promotional campaigns in related to education, hotels, fashion, automobiles, entertainments, real estate, CSR etc while few advertising campaigns related to domestic works, employment etc fails. 

Usual open rate of a WhatsApp Advertising campaign will be about 97% and more than 80% messages reads with in 12 hours.  ​​

FREE advertising features provided with a WhatsApp Marketing campaign in Sri Lanka / Maldives
Free Email marketing Campaign to 648 000+ Sri Lanka email database ( Same artwork and details used for WhatsApp advertisement.

Posting the same advertisement on Powercampaigner Facebook fan page, Twitter & Blog.


If you are looking for any specific list of WhatsApp contacts for any desired category of the people instead of using subscribed WhatsApp marketing campaign database; we have wide range of sectors of databases which you can select from. You can find specific data lists for your WhatsApp campaign filtered according to their location, age, education, profession, interests or any other interested criteria. Contact Powercampaigner team to find out more information about your target customer base if you are planning to advertise on WhatsApp.

Very Important
We can not guarantee how many inquiries will after running a WhatsApp marketing campaign. It is totally depending on the delivery time, contents, offers of the product or service you are promoting through the WhatsApp marketing campaign. Powercampaigner team will assist you for selecting proper package, time and contents if requested.

If you wish to receive WhatsApp promotional message to your smart phone please type "SUB <location>" and send WhatsApp message to 0719265628 from each number for the activation. The subscription will be activated with in 7 days upon the desecration of WhatsApp.

Also our delivery system is not a WhatsApp group or Broadcasting system. This is totally direct delivery through a cloud system which assures productive reach to the selected database. It is the most reliable platform to run your next ad in Sri Lanka or Maldives. We have done successful WhatsApp ad in Sri Lanka for Cargills food city delivery services, Seylan Bank, Nawaloka, Abans.lk, Mövenpick Colombo, KFC and many more corporate sectors. Free WhatsApp marketing campaign could be arranged for real CSR projects.